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Every building has maintenance problems when you could really do without the expense. Our community centre is no different. We have been without our automatic door, limiting access for the disabled & Pushchairs for the past 6 months. It's a door! No it is the mechanism that is expensive. One of our volunteers has made us a thermometer (pictured) for our fundraising efforts. Top of the scale is our target of £2500. Ouch! Our efforts at the moment mean we have quite a way to go. We are hoping to hit the top as soon as possible as we need to be able to get it repaired before the winter where it is used much more.


We have added a donate button below and would appreciate any contribution, no matter how small. You can also donate by going into the Copper Pot Café Mondays to Saturdays.


Join Us



Can you help, even a small amount of time would help us a great deal.

Join the Committee

We need enthusiastic people of all ages and backgrounds to be part of MLCT.

Local Groups

Do you need a place to meet or hold an event? Hire out a space or room.

A photo of MLCT Trustees and volunteers celebrating the official opening of the Community Station, with the Mayor cutting the ribbon in 2015.

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