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Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the life of residents in, Moulsham Lodge, Tile Kiln. These are our main areas of benefit and represent an area that have been without facilities for a substantial amount of time. We would like to help local residents make a positive change to their lifestyle by offering opportunities for educational, social and recreational activities for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.


MLCT aims are to help local people realise their potential by focusing on learning and socialising opportunities, together with improved health and well being across all ages, community access for the disabled and housebound, making sure all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are included.




In Brief

  • Improve quality of life for residents Provide services and resources that will support the area and individuals


  • Develop a community spirit and responsibility by encouraging people to participate in the management and day to day running of the community centre


  • Identify needs of the area and devise ways in which we can respond to those needs

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