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On the 8th June we will be celebration our 10 year anniversary at the Community station. There will be a BBQ from around 3pm until around 9pm. We plan to have a licensed bar for the evening, 7pm till 10pm when it will be adults only.It will be a chance to catch up with friends, family and neighbours and the rest of our community and celebrate our 10 years in the old police station. If you’ve never experienced a silent disco then it will be the ideal time come and try it out. Everyone has a pair of headphones and you listen to one of 3 music channels, this could be, non stop ABBA, 50’s,60’s & 70’s, or even classical, who knows as we haven’t decided yet. It can be very funny watching everyone dancing to different beats. The great thing with a silent disco is that you don’t bother the neighbours with loud music and you can have a chat without having to shout above the music. So do come and join our party on Saturday the 8th June.

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